• Clear, concise white papers, documents, and articles written in an engaging, visually pleasing style.

  • Written by a specialist with an extensive background in information technology, sales, and marketing.

  • Content designed to get your message across by grabbing the reader’s attention from beginning to end.


The Problem

You need a well-written document by someone who can explain difficult technical concepts, perhaps even to a nontechnical audience. It has to engage, inform, and grab the reader’s attention so they will read it through completely. However, the text-intensive, long-winded content that has become the norm most organizations settle for will not do.

Your Needs

You want it written by a professional writer who has an extensive background in IT and solid experience in the corporate world. You need someone who understands the subject matter well enough to be able to present it in a concise, understandable style.

The Solution

Arto Baltayan has successfully made a career out of writing for the IT industry. He specializes in white papers, documentation, and other forms of content for the information technology sector due to his prior experience as an IT professional. Contact him today.